Conservation Seed Program


The Conservation Seed Program is a partnership program with Pheasants and Quail Forever. Landowners can stop in the office and place an order for any of the seed mixes listed in the gallery below. The seed mixes are shipped to the office within 10 business days. where then the landowner can pick them up. Shipping is included in the price.

These mixes are great for wildlife habitat areas, as well as there are 7 different pollinator mixes.

All mixes are sold in ½ acre amounts, prices are listed for 1 acre.

 The Signature Series Food Plot Mixes have a range of 4-5 acre per bag coverage.

The Clover Kandy, Big Buck Brassica and Buck, Bird and Brood Food, and Duck Kandy cover 1 acre/bag

Buck Bed & Breakfast/ Buck 365 will cover 0.5 acres/bag

Stop by the office and ask for Andrea to place  your order.

Cash or Checks only please. We can not accept credit cards at this time.