July 24th ~ Women’s Learning Circle Workshop

29 May July 24th ~ Women’s Learning Circle Workshop

Pollinator Blooms

Women’s Learning Circle Workshop
Ideas Will Bloom with a Focus on Flowering Pollinators

A Women’s Learning Circle is a model being supported by Women4theLand (W4L), a partnership of agricultural and natural resource conservation agencies and organizations working together to provide information, networking, education and resources to Indiana women landowners and farmers.  W4L uses the learning circle model to provide information in a comfortable, informal setting where women learn from professional conservationists as well as from each other.  The meetings are facilitated in a way that builds knowledge and confidence. These events can explore a variety of themes to help connect women landowners with options for conservation practices on the land.

On July 24 in the morning, Kosciusko County SWCD will be hosting a Women’s Learning Circle at Koinonia Nature Preserve, just off State Road 13 at 6147 S 650 E, Pierceton. The workshop will focus on pollinator plants, their value and how to incorporate this practice on the land.  A highlight of the event will be a tour of a pollinator planting on the Koinonia site, which should be in peak bloom.

Pollinators are vital to production agriculture. Approximately 30 percent of the food and fiber crops grown throughout the world depend upon pollinators for reproduction. The fruits and seeds from these crop species provide 15 to 30 percent of the foods and beverages consumed by humans. Roughly translated, approximately one out of every four mouthfuls of food and drink that we consume are produced from pollination services provided by pollinators.

Be watching for more details from SWCD, www.kosciuskoswcd.org
or contact the SWCD office at 574-267-7445, x3.