Wildlife Food Plot Seed

Wildlife Food Plot Seed

Should be in around the first part of May 2016.

A food plot is an annual or perennial planting of grain, legumes, and Forbes (wildflowers).  A food plot offers wildlife a place to forage for food in late fall, winter and early spring after field crops are harvested.  It is left standing over winter to encourage wildlife use.  Food plots are an excellent choice to encourage wildlife survival.  Food plots target deer, quail, turkey, rabbits and songbirds.  Seed should be planted in the spring and left standing over winter.  One food plot is recommended for every forty acres.

Every spring Kosciusko Soil and Water Conservation District provides wildlife food plot seed to distribute to landowners.  The seed is free to people who will be planting for wildlife.  There is a limit set each year on the amount each person is allowed to take home.  We try to provide enough seed for at least a quarter-acre plot.  In late April first of May the Kosciusko County Soil & Water Conservation District will have round-up ready Corn,Soybeans, Grain Sorghum,and Dove Kandy Sunflower seed. The dove Kandy sunflower seed are small black, high oil seeds that attract doves and all birds.

You will be required to sign a Stewardship Form at time of pick up.

If you are interested in participating in the Wildlife Food Plot Seed program please contact us for further information.  Andrea Baker  at Phone: 574-267-7445 Ext. 122 or andrea.baker@in.nacdnet.net