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It is that time of year again for our Annual Tree Sales. Orders will be taken until April 7, 2017 with pick up to be held on April 15, 2017. At this time we can take cash or checks.  Trees orders are to be paid when the order is placed. We have two order forms on our site. One is an 8.5×11 order form with no tree descriptions. The other form is legal sized, but includes information about the different tree species. If you have any questions, please call the office at 574-267-7445 ext 3



AMERICAN ARBORVITAEThis popular evergreen has a natural pyramidal shape, broad at the base and tapering to the top. Soft fan shape leaflets are always lush green. American Arborvitae plants make one of the finest year-round hedges and are also perfect for windbreaks. Grows about 50’ to 60’H.


CONCOLOR FIR Without a doubt Concolor is the most beautiful and easiest to care for. Also known as white fir. Withstands heat and drought better than any other evergreen. Medium to fast growing in moist loamy soil not wet. 80 ft.


NORWAY SPRUCEA fast growing conifer used for windbreaks, wildlife and as ornamentals. Prefers poorly to well drained soils and full sun. Has a growth rate of 1 ft. per year and will reach 80 ft. in height


WHITE PINEA fast growing pine, with soft, green-blue needles, 4” long. Prefers moderate drained soils and tolerates more shade than other pines. Excellent for windbreaks, sound barriers and Christmas trees. Grows to 80’ to 100’.


CANADIAN HEMLOCK One of the most beautiful evergreens due to its lacy graceful growth. Can be pruned to maintain desired height. H 40-70 ft.


RED PINEFast growing, good timber, tree prefers sandy soils, sunny location. Has long tufted pine needles, tolerant of well drained soils. A beautiful evergreen grows to 50 ft.



BUTTERFLY BUSH Purple fragrant flowers that bloom July to October. Fast Growing. This butterfly bush will attract clouds of beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds. Somewhat drought tolerant. Makes a great cutflower. Fountain shaped perennial growing to height of 3 feet makes this a great choice for a back border. Cut back woody shoots early spring to ensure new growth will hold purple cone shaped majestic spikes.


JUNEBERRY/SERVICEBERRY– Bears masses of white of small white flowers early spring and purplish edible fruit in June-July. Also good for wildlife. Will grow in any soils.


PURPLE LILACOval leaves bears 4-8” panicles; flowers are extremely fragrant in early to mid May.



PACHYSANDRAOne of the most attractive lustrous evergreen groundcovers available. It is maintenance free and VERY

HARDY. It will even grow under maples and pines. Plant 6 inches apart sun or shade. White flowers in March and April

Water liberally. Fine for terraces or any place where grass is not successful.  

CREEPING PHLOXWhite, Blue or Pink quick spreading

Short 3”. Lovely around trees, on hill sides, comes back every year. Easy to grow likes sun or shade.



Peach DAYLILIES – Hardy and fast growing. These

Lovely daylilies bloom in July and August come up every year and spread.

Stella de Ora 16” Daylilies– Clumps 15” Hardy ruffled yellow blooms. Come up every year.


 SUGAR MAPLEMatures to height of 75 ft. Brilliant scarlet orange autumn foliage. Native tree provides sugar products from sap in spring if tapped. Great for maple syrup Likes full sun.


RIVER BIRCH Fast growing trees noted for its color, bronze/cinnamon colored shaggy bark & lustrous green diamond shaped leaves turning yellow in the fall. This species can be clumped. This is bore resistant and robust. Tolerant of wet soils or dry, grows to 70 ft.


RED MAPLEA fast growing shade tree. Early fall colors with leaves turning to a deep red.   Prefers moist soils, however is tolerable of others. Grows to 60’ to 90’.


NORTHERN RED OAK –– The fastest growing of all oaks. Red Oak is tolerant of urban conditions; i.e salt. This long-lived shade tree’s green leaves change to russet red in the fall. It is valuable to the furniture and lumber markets. It also provides food and shelter for wildlife.


TULIP POPLAR – Indiana’s State Tree. A fantastic fast growing timber & yard shade tree, it grows to 70–90 feet and prefers well drained soils but will tolerate others. Leaves turn bright yellow in the fall. It produces yellow tulip shaped flowers in the summer.


WHITE FLOWERING DOGWOOD A small ornamental reaching 15 ft in height with beautiful clusters of white spring flowers and scarlet leaves in the fall. Grows in any soil. Good wildlife feeding station. Great accent for landscaping as well.


REDBUD Spectacular small ornamental tree, purple buds opens to reddish purple flowers in May with the tree’s dark contrasting bark it is a beautiful sight . Great for landscaping. Heart shaped leaves.


SARGENT CRABCompact landscape tree with white fragrant flowers in Spring. Dense zigzag branches add to it’s appeal. 6-10’



(SOLD OUT) BALD CYPRESS Grows 50-70 ft. in height. Stately pyramidal growth habit. Bright yellow-green leaves/needles in spring turning to rich orange/pumpkin brown in the fall. Grows in wide range of soils from wet, swampy areas to dry ground.


WASHINGTON HAWTHORN– Clusters of small white flowers, June, small bright red fruit fall & winter. Good tree screen spread 25-30’; dense cuts down noise, berries attract birds.


PENCE WALNUT— Hybrid Walnut grows best in deep, rich, moist soil. For timber use space 8 ft apart for walnut production plant 30’apart grows to 100’.


Fertilizer Tablets—Drop two slow release fertilizer tablets in each hole when planting trees and shrubs. Will not burn roots.


Marking Flags—$10.00 per hundred (florescent orange)

Platbook—$20 each

Please return this order form with check to:

Kosciusko County SWCD 217 E Bell Dr.,

Warsaw, IN 46582   Ph:574 -267-7445 Extension 3






1. We DO NOT furnish replacements.

2. Trees are available to anyone and may be planted without restrictions.

3. Confirmation post cards will go out April 1, 2017