Landowners Take Advantage of 2017 Kosciusko INField Advantage Program

05 Feb Landowners Take Advantage of 2017 Kosciusko INField Advantage Program

InField Advantage

INField Advantage Program

Several landowners took advantage of the services provided through Kosciusko’s INField Advantage (INFA) Program in 2017, with Andrea Baker, SWCD Conservation Program Technician, serving as the coordinator.   The local group was part of the state-wide INFA program coordinated by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA).

INFA uses aerial imagery and the Corn Stalk Nitrate Test (CSNT) to determine nitrogen use efficiency in each field enrolled. Producers are not restricted on tillage, rotation, nitrogen form, timing or rate and may enroll multiple fields. The basic level of the program uses Guided Stalk Sampling (GSS). Growers may also use INFA to conduct on-farm research using Replicated Strip Trials (RST).

In 2017 in Indiana, there were 35 active groups statewide, with 410 producers, 994 GSS fields, 16 RST fields and 8 pilot soybean fields using the INField Advantage tools.

At the end of the year, INFA supplied each grower with the imagery and CSNT results from each field.  Each grower also received a regional report, with each field assigned an anonymous ID number.  Additionally, any fields with a Replicated Strip Trial received an RST report.

The 2017 Kosciusko group was made up of 14 local growers wanting to improve their nitrogen use efficiency in corn.  They enrolled 37 GSS fields, no RST fields and 1 swine manure focus field.

INFA is funded through Indiana Corn Marketing Council/Indiana Soybean Alliance (ICMC/ISA) checkoff funds and is offered free of charge to producers. The group also received additional support from ISDA’s INFA State Coordinator and ICMC/ISA.  The program is possible due to the coordination and support of local Indiana Conservation Partnership staff.  This in-kind support is roughly valued at $4,000.   More information about the program and previous years’ results can be found at:

Kosciusko has set a goal of 16 participants in 2018.  INFA registration forms will be available by April 1, but growers are committing early to ensure participation.  If you are interested in enrolling fields as either GSS or RST, please contact the Kosciusko County SWCD group leader, Andrea Baker or 574-549-5377.